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Introduction to <Millennial Melody of Drum Music>



“Millennial Melody of Drum Music”selects the most classical performance by the Shanxi Jiang Zhou Drum Troupe, figuring the closest style from its origins, but adding the light, sound and muti-media system of modern technology, a blowing art performance that may well shiver the percussions world.


《杨门女将》 The Female Warriors of Yang Family
Grand Prize/Top Award of 14th National All-Star Competition, Grand Prix and Composition Award at the 14th National Star Awards

《牛斗虎》The Fights between the Bull and the Tiger
Best Performance Award at Competition for Percussion and Drums Performers in Celebration of the New Year in Guangzhou

《老鼠娶亲》The Mice gets Married
Gold Medal at 9th National Star Awards

《黄河船夫》The Boatman of the Yellow River
Gold Medal at the 13th National Star Awards

《滚核桃》The Rolling Walnut
First Prize at the 92 National Folk Music and Dance Competition and Silver Prize at the 2nd National Star Awards

《啦呱》The Chat
Gold Medal at the 9th National Star Award

《秦王点兵》Roll Call of Soldiers by the King of Qin
Grand Prix and Gold Medal at 92 National Folk Music and Dance Competition and Gold Medal at the 2nd National Star Awards


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